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Call An Autistic!

Me: okay, got a lot to do today Me: Glad I planned ahead and actually made breakfast last night! Me: Now I can just sit down and eat, no prep needed. Me: And of course nothing goes better with a cup of overnight oats than my drug of choice: the advice columns! Me: Always nice…

Feeling Hawkish

Me: (jogging Sunday morning) Me: (almost home) Me: (can’t wait for breakfast) Me: (pancakes pancakes pancakes) Me: (aw yeah) Me: (and they’re that overnight-oat kind) Me: (so they’re practically already made) Me: (I just have to get home and fry those bad boys) Me: (hungry hungry want them pancakes) Me: …hang on what’s this now?…

We’re Mules, Not Horses

Me: (notices that several recent posts have been about animals, either literally or metaphorically) Me: (has zero problems with this) I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been hearing a bit about autistic burnout. It’s been hard to find more than anecdotal information about it, because there aren’t any big studies or even that…