Hi there or whatever

Here’s what you need to know about me. 

1. I have aphantasia.

2. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of that. Scientists only made it official a few years ago, and if spellcheck still hasn’t gotten the good word, no need for you to be embarrassed. I’ll explain what aphantasia is in bitter detail in the very next post. 

3. I strongly suspect I have ADHD, and am currently doing the research. I’ll be talking about that here.

4. I more than suspect I am autistic. Yeah, okay. I AM autistic. I’m skittishly making my way toward getting an official diagnosis, but it turns out that’s not always easy when you’re an adult. I’ll be talking about that here, too. A LOT.

5. I am face-blind. Except when it comes to non-human animals. Yes, I will eventually figure out what you look like if I see you in person often enough, but don’t be surprised or hurt if I recognize your dog way sooner than I recognize you.

6. I am place-blind, too. So far as I know I made that word/description up myself. I wish I were making up the fact that I once got lost trying to find the exit to a grocery store, but I’m not.

7. I got lost trying to find the exit to a public restroom once, too.

8. Yeah, okay, fine – that’s happened in more than one public restroom.

9. Bitterness is a recurring theme in my writing for some reason.

One thought on “Hi there or whatever

  1. Ah, I just realized my late mother was “place blind”, too. One time, we were leaving a hospital in Long Beach on Atlantic (which is a fairly known street) and somehow ended up in Compton in the middle of the night, after dropping my dad off who had an esophageal bruise from choking on some food. The police stopped my mom because she was driving erratically (this was before my dad insisted she never drive again, after she totaled her third car is less than 6 months) and she begged them to let her follow them to her home. This in turn led to her agoraphobia for a few years, where she didn’t leave the house in those years.

    We write to work on our stuff, now don’t we? Right on, write on.


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