Baby Steps

Me: (reading I Think I Might Be Autistic)

Me: (at a glacial pace)

Me: (seriously people it’s 111 pages)

Me: (kinda sad it’s taking me this long to finish is all I’m saying)

Me: (anyway)

Book: Do you repeat sounds such as animal sounds, grunts, growls or hums?

Me: wait what?

Me: whoa

Me: okay that’s the first question that’s seemed really weird to me

Me: like I’m not trying to be judgey or anything

Me: I’m just saying this sounds a little

Me: how should I put it

Me: troubling?

Me: or maybe I’m just startled that there’s finally an autism characteristic I don’t have

Me: seriously this quiz has gone on for almost thirty pages and I don’t think I’ve said a firm “no” yet

Me: To be fair, let’s remember what this book is called.

Me: Anyway.

Me: “No.”

Me: I seriously cannot relate to this question at all.

Me: All the others were either, let’s see

Me: Yes



Me: or “kind of”

Me: But just this once, no.

Me: I do not in fact repeat sounds.

Me: (later same day)

Me: (listening to comedy/sci-fi podcast Mission to Zyxx)

Me: (there’s a character who’s a baby)

Me: (but they’re a species that grows to full adult size almost immediately after being born)

Me: (so the character is voiced by real-life babies of the cast and crew)

Me: (I love that)

Me: (dang I love baby babble)

Me: (it’s so CUTE)

Me: (baby voices are just the best)

Me: (they grab me in a way I can’t explain)

Me: (seriously I wish they gave this baby more lines)

Baby Hoha: Baababablabababadababa

Me: Baababablabababadababa

Me: o_O

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