The Hermit

Lots and lots and lots of feet on that there sea star.

Just checking in and sorry to have been gone so long. Half of my absence was due to being the kind of busy I have mixed feelings about – more about that soon. The other half was thanks to a pleasant sort of busyness I felt was closer to the French word for busy: occupé. I was taken on several spontaneous day trips and got to revel in natural beauty and indulge my ferocious love of non-human animals. More about that soon, too.

This little hermit crab was in a tank that, naturally enough, housed plenty of other occupants. It’s silly that they’re called hermits just because they carry their homes with them. They’re very sociable. They don’t want to be all by themselves. They’re always looking around for something to eat, someone to date, someone’s discarded shell to move into. They’re interdependent – just like humans. Except that hermit crabs don’t seem to mind the fact that they rely on plenty of other beings for their survival. Not that I’m feeling preachy.

Anyway. I spent an unreasonable amount of time watching and taking videos of this little crab sauntering around, often stepping on one of those pillowy-looking sea stars in the process. The stars did not seem thrilled by this. They don’t have brains, but they can sense light and dark and they can certainly tell when someone’s clambering over them.

Anyway anyway. I’m back. Summer’s over. Sorry to have been such a hermit. Hope you’re well.

Talk soon.

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