Call An Autistic!

Me: okay, got a lot to do today Me: Glad I planned ahead and actually made breakfast last night! Me: Now I can just sit down and eat, no prep needed. Me: And of course nothing goes better with a cup of overnight oats than my drug of choice: the advice columns! Me: Always niceContinue reading “Call An Autistic!”

Feeling Hawkish

Me: (jogging Sunday morning) Me: (almost home) Me: (can’t wait for breakfast) Me: (pancakes pancakes pancakes) Me: (aw yeah) Me: (and they’re that overnight-oat kind) Me: (so they’re practically already made) Me: (I just have to get home and fry those bad boys) Me: (hungry hungry want them pancakes) Me: …hang on what’s this now?Continue reading “Feeling Hawkish”

Nutty Crows

The day before the first day Me (texting): hey listen as long as you’re picking up crickets can you check out how expensive dry dog food is? I read that crows sometimes like kibble if it isn’t too big. Spouse: Sure. Spouse (ten minutes later): The clerk recommended a kind that’s only $6.50 a bag.Continue reading “Nutty Crows”

Rye Crows

As I mentioned in a previous post, Monday is “details” day. So instead of posting about autism, aphantasia, or other neurodivergent news, I’m going to chat about something I’m passionate about. One of my special interests is birds. I don’t have a house or a yard, but I’m lucky enough to have an apartment withContinue reading “Rye Crows”

Masks Protect Us

Several months ago, BuzzFeed News ran a story about a woman who won the kind of contest no one even wants to place in: worst tattoo ever. It makes sense that such a tattoo would involve words rather than art. Plenty of people have rued the day they got someone else’s name inked on them.Continue reading “Masks Protect Us”

The Hermit

Just checking in and sorry to have been gone so long. Half of my absence was due to being the kind of busy I have mixed feelings about – more about that soon. The other half was thanks to a pleasant sort of busyness I felt was closer to the French word for busy: occupé. IContinue reading “The Hermit”


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