This One’s Going Out To…

Neurotypical spouse: (introduces me to new song) Me: Wow. Spouse: I thought you’d like it! Me: Definitely. Me: This is what I listen to now. Spouse: (laughs because he thinks I’m joking) Me: (smiles because I know I’m not)

Walk Like An Allistic

Me: ooh lookit that big weirdo plant Me: I love that guy! Me: (takes a million pictures) Me: I love succulents so much. Me: I think I’m becoming the main character in that novel I wrote. Spouse: …the wealthy heiress gay teenaged boarding-school student whose loved ones were systematically murdered? Me: Okay, not JUST likeContinue reading “Walk Like An Allistic”

Aspirational Me

Me: …so, yeah, I’m still having a really hard time reading I Think I Might Be Autistic. I don’t know why. It’s giving me so much good information. It’s telling me things I need to know and confirming things I already suspected. But it’s rough going. Me: I mean, let’s face it – being autistic isContinue reading “Aspirational Me”

Baby Steps

Me: (reading I Think I Might Be Autistic) Me: (at a glacial pace) Me: (seriously people it’s 111 pages) Me: (kinda sad it’s taking me this long to finish is all I’m saying) Me: (anyway) Book: Do you repeat sounds such as animal sounds, grunts, growls or hums? Me: wait what? Me: whoa Me: okay that’sContinue reading “Baby Steps”

The Really Hard Job

Me: Now that Boo has a place of their own, I’m taking the opportunity to go through our apartment, clear out things we don’t need anymore, and enjoy the new space. Last month, I culled about five hundred books from our shelves and boxed them up. Thank goodness I don’t have to lug them anywhere.Continue reading “The Really Hard Job”


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