2 Face Blind 2 Furious

An autistic acquaintance mentioned that although she has aphantasia and therefore experiences some of the same issues I do with movies and new people, she finds face blindness mystifying. I don’t blame her. I feel the same way, and I have face blindness. I can say this: it’s not that I don’t pay attention to howContinue reading “2 Face Blind 2 Furious”

Blind Mind and the Elephant

I have to admit I’ve had a hard time understanding what’s so hard to understand about aphantasia. I mean, it’s the lack of an ability. Shouldn’t we be the ones peppering the neurotypicals with questions about what it’s like to be able to “see” in your head? Some of us spend plenty of time doing just that, withoutContinue reading “Blind Mind and the Elephant”

Actually, I CAN Imagine

Spouse: hey, did you get a chance to read that article I sent you? The one about aphantasia? Me: YEP Spouse: …I thought it brought up a lot of interesting points. Me: SURE DID Spouse: Um, I liked that the author specifically countered the idea that aphantasia equals uncreative. I loved hearing about that guyContinue reading “Actually, I CAN Imagine”

Magic Lessons (magic not included)

When I was eleven years old, my parents announced that in one month’s time, I would get to take a class on how to break the laws of physics.  That’s not how they phrased it. But that’s what it boiled down to. This was, after all, a weekend course in which kids like me learnedContinue reading “Magic Lessons (magic not included)”

Aphantasia: A Bitter List

1. Having aphantasia means you lack the ability to visualize. That’s it. That’s all it means. 2. What is up with that phrasing, by the way? We don’t say that people who lack the ability to see “have blindness.” I know several people who don’t have full use of their sense of hearing, but notContinue reading “Aphantasia: A Bitter List”