Nutty Crows

The day before the first day Me (texting): hey listen as long as you’re picking up crickets can you check out how expensive dry dog food is? I read that crows sometimes like kibble if it isn’t too big. Spouse: Sure. Spouse (ten minutes later): The clerk recommended a kind that’s only $6.50 a bag.Continue reading “Nutty Crows”

Rye Crows

As I mentioned in a previous post, Monday is “details” day. So instead of posting about autism, aphantasia, or other neurodivergent news, I’m going to chat about something I’m passionate about. One of my special interests is birds. I don’t have a house or a yard, but I’m lucky enough to have an apartment withContinue reading “Rye Crows”

The Bitter Autistic Wish List

1. When someone tells you they’re autistic, just nod. A friendly smile is nice, if you can manage it. 2. If you have a personal positive experience with autism that can be expressed in a single sentence – go for it. “Oh, great – so’s my sister” works. So does, “Oh, hey – I justContinue reading “The Bitter Autistic Wish List”

Details: Goose Boy?

One of the questions I found most helpful in the initial quiz in Cynthia Kim’s I Think I Might Be Autistic was in the section about “intense or unusual interests.” The author asks, “Do you find that you naturally focus more on the details of things than on the whole?” I’m grateful that Kim went onContinue reading “Details: Goose Boy?”

2 Face Blind 2 Furious

An autistic acquaintance mentioned that although she has aphantasia and therefore experiences some of the same issues I do with movies and new people, she finds face blindness mystifying. I don’t blame her. I feel the same way, and I have face blindness. I can say this: it’s not that I don’t pay attention to howContinue reading “2 Face Blind 2 Furious”

I Read A Whole Sentence (Almost)

The good news is, I made it to the second chapter of Cynthia Kim’s book I Think I Might Be Autistic. The bad news is: that first chapter is super short and is actually technically the introduction. Literally, the first chapter looks like this: “1. Introduction” I went ahead and let myself flip out about thisContinue reading “I Read A Whole Sentence (Almost)”