We’re Mules, Not Horses

Me: (notices that several recent posts have been about animals, either literally or metaphorically) Me: (has zero problems with this) I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been hearing a bit about autistic burnout. It’s been hard to find more than anecdotal information about it, because there aren’t any big studies or even thatContinue reading “We’re Mules, Not Horses”

Leaning in or burning out?

“Hold that thought,” I said to my spouse. He was in the middle of a sentence, and I felt bad about cutting him off. But it would only be for a few seconds. And we were chatting rather than talking about something emotionally urgent. If this had been a serious discussion, I would have quiteContinue reading “Leaning in or burning out?”

Walk Like An Allistic

Me: ooh lookit that big weirdo plant Me: I love that guy! Me: (takes a million pictures) Me: I love succulents so much. Me: I think I’m becoming the main character in that novel I wrote. Spouse: …the wealthy heiress gay teenaged boarding-school student whose loved ones were systematically murdered? Me: Okay, not JUST likeContinue reading “Walk Like An Allistic”